5% Drop, A Welcome Switch, and Beating Levi

2020 competitive season compared to 2019 is loading up with an overall 5% drop in scoring at 50 meters.  My 18 meter scores dropped 4.3%. My 5-spot average dropped 0.5% with a greater drop on the X count, 15%.

I have no idea why this is happening.  But, it seemed a break might be in order.

By break I mean changing from shootings dots and popping some foam.

Last year, 3D was so frustrating and disappointing it slipped from my routine.  The depressed 3D season had nothing to do with results.  It was entirely a matter of being able to reach tournaments.  This year the Covid-19 has decimated the spring competitive season.  The way I’ve been shooting that is fine with me.

Rather than paying for competitive humiliation my shame remains on my range.  So, switching over to 3D for a break wasn’t going to have me projecting sheepish grins towards fellow archers as they scored my 8s and 5s. Even a miss could remain hidden from everyone other that the guilty party.

Let me say right here how a couple of hours flinging arrows at faux animals while hiking through the woods can be refreshing.  The back and forth hike over a worn trough to pull arrows out of dots can become mind numbing. Fresh uncomplaining faces of foam critters waiting to catch arrows are a nice break.

On top of it all I didn’t perform as poorly as I’d expected.  I returned from the woods with the same number of arrows that were carried into the woods.

Pleasantly surprised I averaged 10.2 points per arrow.  There were two bogies that screwed me up, an eight and a five.  I shot 40 targets at an average of 31.1 yards using a bow hunter tight (short stabilizer and pins). My skewed collection of targets, more small ones, rabbit and bobcat sized, does reign in the distance.

I prefer using a hunting style rig shooting 3D.  I’ve used a scope and long stabilizers for 3D and it isn’t as much fun for me.  When I do that it feels like 3D field archery.  I love field archery but it is nice to add another disciple to shooting using a hunting setup.

Today, 3D was a welcome break.  I can’t image how many 3D events I’ll gather in my quiver in 2020.  But, it is enjoyable to go out and play. (Sorry Levi, I beat you again today)

Stuck at Home

Only a few holes and free

I have to wonder how many tournaments we’ll get to enjoy during 2020.  I see four, thus far, on my calendar that did not happen.  This break from competition gives time for me to figure the best combinations of bows with gear for when tournaments re-start.

Even though I replaced this target it still had a little life remaining. Yes there are holes everywhere including some in the blue. The ranges were from 10 yards to 15 yards. (No these holes come from a bit further out)
Working from 50 meters
Sitting at 65 yard with plenty of room to increase the distance. I expect some limbs will need to be trimmed as I get out to 75 + yards. At 70 yards no limbs to intersect with the arch of an arrow.

Currently, I am working at longer distances. I am also shooting lots of holes in paper.  Here’s a really lucky thing – last year I picked up several used targets after an outdoor event.  These targets were going to be thrown away! I wish I’d grabbed more but felt a little embarrassed digging from the pile of trash on the ground.  I was assured I could take as many used targets as I wanted.  I didn’t want to seem selfish so I grabbed a few.  I took a limited share leaving an abundance for other people – unlike the toilet paper grab that seems for the moment to be universal.

This happens every once and a while (50 meters)

I know this shelter at home is harder for people living in cities.  If you are an archer and live in Chicago or Atlanta I am sorry for you.  Hang in there!