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David Lain holds a Doctorate of Philosophy and Juris Doctor. He is Fellow Emeritus of the American College of Chest Physicians and Fellow of the American Association for Respiratory Care. Dr. Lain is a researcher, lecturer, health care practitioner, and athlete. His medical background includes sleep science, respiratory care, and sports research. He is also an active archer and USA Archery NTS Level 3 Coach.

Lain Photo

Dr. Lain has published over 120 medical, scientific and sport  articles. Much of his work has been presented at international medical or science congresses. He has lectured globally and was selected as the 38th “Paul A. Turner” Lecturer to the American College of Chest Physicians.1 Lain was named one of the “5000 Personalities of the World” for outstanding performance in neonatology.2

His sports career, aside from high school athletics, began in cycling. During his cycling career he raced in the US and Europe, competed in several national championships, won 4 state championships, and competed in two world championships, placing 4th at the UMCA World 6 hour road cycling championship.3-8 Cycling led to duathlon where he earned a spot on Team USA to compete at the 2007 World Championship Long Course Duathlon.9 Following that by one year he raced at the World Ironman Championship on Kona, Hawaii.10

Ironman Triathlon World Championship, Kona, HI

In November 2013, he purchased a compound bow and within a few weeks entered in a 3D tournament. Twelve months later,   he competed in the IBO 3D World Championship, his 5th World Championship over 4 disciplines.11IMG_1802

Dr. Lain applies his medical/scientific training to understand the physiology behind athletics. That approach has, in part, helped him to have competed in world championships covering four disciplines: cycling (2), duathlon, triathlon, and archery.

In 2013, USA Track and Field awarded him the Phidippides Award for Outstanding Performance in Long Distance Running. 12 He has been keynote speaker during workshops for coaches and athletes. His presentations are based on his published research in sports and medicine.13-16



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