2018 Georgia Bowhunter and Archery Association State Target Championship

Last weekend I competed in a two-day archery tournament. I was on the morning line, which shot at 9:00 am. The afternoon archers shot at 3:00PM. Both days were idea for archery. The event was one of those outdoor NFAA 900 contests where over the two day a maximum number of points that could be earned is 1800. To earn those points archers shot 6 arrows per end, with 30 arrows at 60 yards, 30 at 50 yards and 30 at 40 yards. Then, on the next day repeated the sequence.

It rained a little the first day. The second it was clear and a bit warm. It was also my first event of this style. What I didn’t know is that three to four archers would shoot at the same target. I was on a target with two archers, both very good shooters. Of the 540 arrows we shot into that target only three or four landed outside the yellow ring.

That meant there were a lot of arrows, 18 after each end, in the X, 10 or 9 rings. Here’s where my lack of experience hurt.

I thought we’d be shooting our own target. I carried enough arrows to give me spare ones should I hit one of my arrows and break something. With all those arrows from the other guys all hitting in same spot you can guess a lot of arrows got damaged.

Yet again, a great photo of me shooting. (That’s me in the light blue. You can just make out my right arm and a bit of my right side.)

Now, this is not a complaint. It was kind of fun. The only down side was that is seemed by arrows were taking the blunt of the arrow busting intersections.

Talk about a little stress. Before we were half way through the first day I was down four arrows. Thankfully, I made it with one extra arrow left in reserve after day one.

On day two I brought every arrows I owned for that style of archery. Overall, 7 of my arrows were damaged. I got three of their arrows. I was kind of exciting. While not shooting we’d watch the target and yell out when fletching or a nock would fly off an arrow following contact. At one point we had 18 arrows all wedged into the ten ring. We only did that once, on the remainder the ends there would be one or more arrows sticking in the nine spot. (Except for the few eights.)

It was fun shootings arrows even if I took the most damage. Tomorrow I’ll be headed to the archery shop at Ace Hardware in Social Circle to get arrows repaired.