2nd Annual EAC Indoor 18 Meter Tournament

The 2nd Annual EAC took place on Saturday November 14 in Madison, GA. The event sold out. The venue could accommodate between 168 – 192 archers. Competitors ranged in age from around 10 to around 60.


I shot the 1st Annual EAC. The contest occurs during one of my  hunting trips to Tignall. I made sure to sign up for the 2nd Annual event.  Prior to registering the organizers sent out an email to let folks know the 1:00 PM time slot was totally booked. The left me with one option, the 9:00 AM slot.

The drive from Tignall to Madison is about one and a half hours. That meant I’d need to set an alarm for 5:00 AM. Typically, I’m up between 5:30 and 6:00 AM. I don’t set an alarm. The mere knowledge I needed to set an alarm was a bit irritating.

I don’t like alarms. When I race it is not unusual that I need to be up before 5:00 AM. It is one of the least pleasant parts of sports. Athletes that have a natural internal clock making them early risers have an advantage over athletes that are late sleepers. I am fine waking up early, on my terms. But, I’ve never seen any advantage to getting up earlier than 6:00.

Even though I set the alarm, as usual I woke a few minutes before the alarm activated. It is common for me to wake up before the alarm goes off. It is simply the knowledge that one is set and I might hear that awful sound that is burdensome.

After getting out of bed, getting ready, cooking a nice breakfast, feeding the dogs, and going out with them to chase away deer and fox, I headed to Madison.

The tournament was packed and every lane was filled, except one. I shot with two fellows, Tommy and Joe. Tommy is on the Mathews Pro Staff and is primarily a 3D competitor. Joe shoots a recurve. It looked like the only missing person from the morning session was Angie, an archer that was AWOL from our group.

Tommy wore out the centers of his targets. Joe gave a seminar in recurve archery. They were great guys to share a morning shooting arrows. Joe called the arrows while Tommy and I recorded the values and did our best to make mathematicians proud of our arithmetic skills. When the shooting was over, I’d improved my 3rd place finish score from 2014 by 32 points. Interesting, in 2014 I was shooting on target 11B, this year I got 11D.


Another highlight was that the people sponsoring the EAC event arranged to sell barbequed Boston butts. I bought one and it was money well spent.

I hope these folks in Madison can manage a 3rd Annual EAC competition. I’m already looking forward to it.