3D and Puppies

It was another less than satisfying day of shooting 3D.   It was a tough range, tight tunnels, long shots and tiny targets at the end of the lane. I’d shot on this course about a month ago and my score improved by 10 points. Judging yardage, well I’m not there, yet.

Things felt good during the warm up – known distances aren’t difficult to judge. To make thing even better, Cricket and Chas, friends I’d met at other shoots, were warming up and invited me to join them on the range. We were the second group out and completed the 20 targets in two hours.

It is a bit of a drive for me to get to most of the Down East Archery 3D shoots and this one was no exception. Getting through the targets in 2 hours means I get home before 3 PM. That’s great.

On the drive to the tournament I made a quick ‘pit-stop’ near a small church. The little church couldn’t hold more than a couple of dozen worshipers on any Sunday. It’s surrounded by thick forest and an ideal place for a nature break.

When I stopped and got out of my Ford F-150 I was greeted by a puppy. She was certainly a surprise. Two more happy puppies quickly followed her greeting; all three seemed very pleased to see me.

Looking around, and forgetting my primary reason for the pause, it was obvious, these three pups were alone. I suspected they’d been dropped off at the church, orphans, in hopes that someone would take them home on Sunday. It was awful, but I left them putting my hope into the plan of ad lib adaption.

During the 3D shoot I thought about the puppies. They had been left to their innate survival skills, not so good for domestic puppies, or their charm to find a home. On the drive home, I again passed the little church and there they were. The three were at the edge of the road and began to run after me when I passed. There was no leaving them. I pulled over, they ran to me, and in the truck they went.

Two of the three sound asleep, the third is asleep on the floor.

They were very happy for the ride. One climbed all over my bow, another hopped into the front seat, while the third investigated the floor in the back. Within minutes all three were asleep. All had good manners and none pooped, peed, or vomited in the truck. (I keep the back seat, which is leather, covered to protect it from River’s claws. I was willing to take the puppy mess gamble.)

When I got them home they were fed, given water, and a dog biscuit. For a few minutes afterwards it was “game on.” Of course, by this point I was ready to keep all three. We already have two dogs, five would be three too many.

Two of the puppies trying to climb onto the front seat before a blockade was erected to keep them in the back of the truck.

Brenda and I loaded the pups back into the truck and took them to local SPCA. On the drive there all three were again asleep. Once we arrived, I signed them in, gave what little information I could provide, offered a small cash donation and said good-bye.

All three were great. Each one seemed well mannered, and fairly well behaved for puppies. I hope they find good homes. Even better would be if they could all find the same home.