9.9 Not Yet There

Still working to get my 3D average score per arrow to 10.6. It is creeping up. You know it only takes a little momentary lapse to change a 12 to an 8 or worse a 5.

Yesterday, I shot in Plymouth, North Carolina and started poorly. The first 5 targets were two tens and three eights. To recover, I began what a friend calls range management. Rather than continue to head down the tubes I aimed for tens. Tens are easier than twelves.

Easy shot at 22 yards than I shot high. It wasn’t a yardage error, it was a poor release.

Shooting for 10 takes a little pressure off and gives time to get that ‘feel’ or move into a ‘zone’ while recovering from eights.

Not the longest target of the day, but by this point I aiming for 12’s rather than 10’s.

It took a few more shots to recover from the bad start but I ended with 4 twelves, 11 tens, and 5 eights. But, to get my average up, I need to shoot better on the first few targets, especially when those are shots less than 30 yards.