A better day shooting 3D

Changing to a new bow 11 weeks ago has been a challenge. Changing my release and sight boosted that challenge. Today, shooting started to improve.

Still, things aren’t where I’d like them to be but I left the 3D shooting in Elizabeth City, NC feeling better about my rig and scoring a personal best on their range. The Fountain of Life Soul Hunters conducted the shoot. They are notorious for setting up shots at small targets in dark places. They also like trees and many targets are arranged so that working an arrow through a maze of them is a given. There aren’t any easy shots – even the ones that at first seem easy will fool you. It makes for a seriously fun day of shooting.

I shot with my friend Norman and another fellow I met today, John. Norman is a USA Archery Coach. He’s a good shot and does well despite every time he shoots he’s further back than the competition. He gets around on a motorized cart and shoots the same course as everyone else. The problem is his cart typically can’t get to the stake, so he takes aim as close to it as he can drive. This can be up to 4 yards further away from the target as is the furthest stake.

Norman, shooting a few yards further back than the longest shot for the rest of us.

Today we were allowed to purchase a “Mulligan” arrow for an additional $3.00. The way this works, on their range, is that if you score a bad shot, say a 5, and you want to take your “Mulligan” you have to call it while you are at that stake and before you step away. Honestly, I generally forget rules and end up not taking advantage of the bonus arrow.

This time Norman forgot the “Mulligan” process and on the last target took his “Mulligan”. He shot two 12s. The $3.00 investment served him poorly. To be fair, the 1st shot looked like a 12 but we couldn’t be certain. The second 12 sealed the deal.

It is always a treat to shoot with friends. When I first began shooting with this group I did feel like an outsider. Over the months I think I’ve become a bit more welcome. I hope so; I know I am always glad to see this crowd.