A Good Start and a Lucky Finish

Morning of march 7th

Saturday March 7th started off good. The sunrise was magnificent and the weather, which had been cold and rainy, was making a turn for the better. My plan for the day was to drive the Roanoke Archers’ range in Plymouth, NC and take aim at qualifying for the North Carolina ASA State Championship.

Last year, the 3D tournaments that I’d focused on were IBO. IBO contests are hard to find here in NC. ASA is new to me.   Only recently had I sent my membership application and fee to the ASA Headquarters in Kennesaw, GA. They returned to me an ASA number on March 6th. While waiting for that to occur I tried to figure out the ASA rules and divisions.

Holly Neck Church of Christ Established in 1882. This is one of many country church I pass as I drive in rural NC.

The general rules weren’t difficult to understand. The divisions were less clear. For example, their senior hunter division includes the 50 – 59 ages. The equipment for that group, aside from a bow, is a short stabilizer and fixed pins – got it. There is a division above the senior hunter, the super senior for those archers over 60. By age, I fit into the super senior division.

Because the senior hunter group shot with a hunting set-up I considered shooting there. But, chronologically I fall into the super senior group. I thought I should shoot in that division. I may have chosen wrong.

There’s a bear 36 yards away from Patrick as he views his target.

I didn’t know the super senior equipment regulations. Was this a hunter class or an open style class? I gambled and left for the tournament with my hunter class rig. I learned, too late, I should have grabbed my other bow; the one with a few more shot refining attachments.

Even if I’d not been shooting, this would have been a nice hike through the woods

The frustration of having what might be considered a slight competitive disadvantage no doubt weighted on me. I also doubt whether those refining attachments would have been much help. One thing was certain, I couldn’t judge yardage on Saturday March 7th.

On a positive note, the course, like so many others, was excellent. I shot with three folks I hadn’t met, Leon, Patrick and Chris and they all gave me a polite lessons in humility. Despite my rough shooting a bit of luck was with me and I qualified for the ASA State Championship. So a day that started good finished on a high note.

One of the last targets, a low down gator