A Great Burger and Tournament in Delaware

On Sunday March 29th, Mid-Del Archery held an IBO 2015 World Championship Qualifier. I was eager to try for a qualifying ticket and looked forward to seeing friends from Delaware and Maryland. Aside from that, I’d been anticipating one of the hamburgers they serve in their clubhouse.

Mid-Del Archery Club in Harrington, Delaware

Most of the guys I’ve shot with from the Maryland, a group known as Team Trailer Park, had driven to West Virginia to qualify in late 2014. At that time, I was coming off a busy season of shooting in addition to 12 races. On the weekend of the West Virginia competition I was exhausted and decided not to make the trip. I’d gamble on success in Harrington, Delaware.

On Sunday the weather was cold and windy. It had been raining and snowing meaning the range promised to be muddy. That promise was kept. River, my lab, came with me and would need to wait in the truck while I shot.

Clyde and Jim, Officers of Mid-Del, were on hand in the clubhouse to assist with registration. Jim is a very dedicated archer. In addition to his range management duties he is diligent in his support of Delaware Senior Olympics.

River, tail wagging, happy to see the guys

Clyde may be the best archer in the world, I won’t know. What I do know is Clyde makes the best hamburgers in the world. His burgers are better than any other I’ve ever tasted, they are quite amazing. I have no idea how he does it, but they are really very, very good.

After signing in I found two guys I knew, Bruce and Al, to shoot with. Our group also included Shawn and Anthony. Bruce and Al have been to numerous IBO World Championships. Both shoot in the Senior Hunter Class. Shawn was shooting in the Open Class he’d be a bit further back from the target. Anthony is a paraplegic and would be shooting from the stake in from of Bruce and Al’s.

Not the groups’ best shots of the day, but pretty good.

The course wasn’t completely muddy but there was enough. Much of the ground was still frozen and hadn’t turned to mud. Anthony had a few tricky spots that required some serious effort to maneuver his wheelchair. Anthony plays Lacrosse, basketball, and tennis so the 3D terrain wasn’t too demanding.

Shawn in the center, Al on the stool and Anthony in the wheelchair
Forgot to take a photo before I started eating

Along the way we picked up another archer shooting a traditional bow, Charles. Charles is very experienced and has earned high finishes at the Nationals and has won many major competitions. On one target our compound bow group had practically circled the center 11. We said, “Put it in the middle, Charles!” He did – it was an incredible shot that was followed by yells and cheers.

Finally off the range, my primary objective was one of Clyde’s burgers. River joined me in the clubhouse. She could smell the burgers and acted very hopeful. Neither of us was disappointed. Like I mentioned, I have no idea how he does it but Clyde cooks is one amazing burger.

It was great seeing the  guys in Delaware. I wanted to stay longer but needed to drive back to North Carolina.  I left with the two things I’d come for, a burger and a ticket to the World Championship.

Another great burger and tournament, thanks Y’all.