Another 12 Months Passed Shooting an Olympic Recurve

Switching from compound bow to Olympic recurve has been challenging.  Seventeen months ago doesn’t seem so long a time. Lots of practice and training has been augmented by a degree of talent transfer.  There remains a long way to go.

Over the last twelve months I competed in 11 tournaments. The bigger events were skipped because of the Covid.  I won 10 of the 11 competitions. Of those I entered 4 were in the Masters division, either the 50 – 70 or 65 – 69.

There were mixed reasons for competing my age group.  Most often it was because I hadn’t been able to practice at the distance of the younger division.  I don’t have a 90-meter range and for a long time a downed tree blocked my 70-meter range.  One other event I could only compete in my age group.

In the 6 tournaments where I competed against the younger division I won all but one where I took 3rd.  That was the USA Archery Georgia State 18-Meter Indoor tournament.  The others: Georgia NFAA Indoor, Georgia USAA Field, Georgia USAA Target, Georgia USAA 25-Meter Indoor and Southern Fall Shootout I won.

Over the course of the switch I’ve shot 43,730 arrows, broke a riser in two, increased poundage from 32 to 42 and added a clicker.  I can attest it has been a lot of work.