Another State Record – Maybe

A couple of months ago I won an outdoor archery tournament. I shot it in my age group. I did well and won. I’d been practicing the distances required for the tournament, 70 meters, 60 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters for weeks. I finished 101 points over the 2nd place finisher.

The event was a state championship. I looked over the results from prior years. It seemed I’d broken the old record. That is unofficial since I was only searching for scores on the Internet. But, from the scores available it seemed like a new record.

I asked the organizers, via email, whether my score was a new record a few times. I never received a reply. In a previous outdoor event at 50 meters I did set a new record. I decided then that where I set records I’d compete in the subsequent year in the senior division.

I don’t know if my score was an official record – well it isn’t since no one from the organization that ran the event notified me of a record. But, next year I will shoot in the senior division.