Day 2 of the IBO World Championships

The second day of the IBO World Championship was better than the first. Neither day ended exactly as I’d hoped but certainly within the statistical range I’d calculated, albeit on the low side. Despite an abundance of 5’s and economy of 11’s the experience was worth the trip.

Earned a 12 o’clock 10 on this shot

Many archers that I’ve shot with and against over the past year convened in Ellicottville, NY to test themselves against the best in the world. At a minimum I heard Canada, Australia, and South Africa were represented. Other competitors from outside the US may have been in NY but I’ve not read an official tally. The State of New York, judging by the tags on vehicles, was well represented.

The Mathews camp

Aside from their skill shooting archers are great social athletes. Each archer puts it on the line when they shoot 3D. Good shots brought excited praise and congratulations. A poor shot was never ridiculed and competitors sympathized and consoled. Each knowing the next weak shot could be theirs. Teasing, when done, was good-natured and without malice.  Archers weren’t the only people with whom I interacted.

Having spent decades in business I wanted to assess the archery companies. For example, how did their representatives intermingle with customers, what marketing focus did I notice, were there obvious times when management used this competition to run focus groups.  Assemblies, like the IBO World Championships, are excellent venues to get close to key customers (in this case archers).

The top brass of the IBO

I left NY having made many new friends. Several  promised an interview to place under the archery characters tab of The experience was perfect prep for 2015.