Done with 2018

The 2018 competitive season is over for archery. 2019 is just around the corner.

I didn’t get to compete as often or where I’d planned when I’d first laid out the 2018 season on paper.  But, I did achieve one major goal – I finally made it back home to Georgia.

2018 turned into a hodge-podge of events.  There were constant adjustments to practice and competition to meet the requirement of our relocation. I competed is all sorts of tournaments in age groups from the Senior (21-49), Master (50 – 59) and Master (60-69).  I ended up winning six, taking second five times, and got a third and forth place finish.  I set one state record and earned, for the first time, a bunch of USA Archery pins (I hadn’t done the USA Archery pin thing before 2018)

Those events were in  just about everything from 18-meter indoor, 50-meter outdoor, 3D and FITA Target. As entertaining 2018 was it was a bit chaotic trying to figure out how to prepare for the variety of events. Still, it turned out okay.

Oh,  I ran through three pair of running shoes in 2018.  These Newtons (in the photo below) are the last to go on December 28th. (I only did two races in 2018, both 5Ks.  I won one and got third in the other.)

So long old friends