Evaluating Performance

In my last competition I shot 1.48 points per target below average. Compared to the last time I shot the same course I’d improved by 14 points overall. Nevertheless, the finish was sub-par.

Shooting one arrow above the other for placement practice

After each competition I evaluate my performance. Why did I shoot better, why did I shoot worse, what were the good shots and why? What were the conditions? Yesterday’s met was not different when it came to taking time to review.

Two days prior to the shoot I needed to change bows. The one that I shoot 3D with needed a repair and wasn’t available. This meant having to use my indoor target bow, a much heavier product. Still, I shoot okay with it.

The arrows I shoot indoors are Easton Fat Boys. These aren’t my favorites for 3D. Outside, the wind was going to be rough so I selected a less thick arrow. This meant some slight adjustments to my sight, rest and loop. Plus, I’d changed from a scope, used indoors, to fixed pins for 3D. Not a problem.

With two days prior to the tournament and re-sighting the bow meant I spent all my time shooting paper – no 3D animals. I have four: a deer, coyote, turkey and a cougar. The week before, two days out from a tournament (which I won) I only shot 3D animals.

Getting the mental image of an animal engrained in my head means shooting at animals. I hadn’t done that even once before this tournament. I think this was the primary error I made coming into the tournament.

Trying to make practice as close to competition helps. I’d been wrong not spending more time on foam animals. This week, I focus more on animals and see where it leads me.