Field Archery and a Missed Triathlon

It was a long shot – no doubt. The NFAA Sections ran on Saturday and Sunday in Stoneville, NC. The Xterra triathlon was scheduled for 4:30 PM on Saturday. Both events were on my calendar.

The archery tournament and triathlon were only 45 minutes drive apart. The field archery event, according to someone on the phone, was expected to be competed, the Saturday portion, by 2 PM. This was doable or so it seemed.

I stayed at Dan River Campground. 15 minutes from the tournament and 30 minutes away from the triathlon.

Saturday we shot 126 arrows. At 12:30 PM we’d only fired off 56 shots.  The triathlon was becoming a questionable race.

An Xterra triathlon means a swim in a lake, a mountain bike race, and a trail run. Something that seemed just about perfect. The bonus is that it started in the afternoon. That alone was a novelty. It was going to be really a cool race despite the 95-degree temperature.

One thing that could happen was to walk away from the field archery sectional. By 3 PM, it was clear, archery would be the only competition for last weekend. There was no way I was leaving the tournament.

As so the day ended with archery only. The tournament wrapped up at around 6 PM on Saturday. It was a shame but there was nothing to be done aside from walking off the course to compete in the triathlon – which I didn’t do.