Georgia State ASA Championship in 10 Days

Being way behind on 3D practice is not a good place to be 10 days out from the ASA State Championship. In past years I had two bows: one for target archery the other for 3D.  The fancy target bow seemed to occasional throw an arrow off the mark.

I mentioned to the techs where I’d purchased the bow that occasionally it seemed to fling an arrow some place other than where I was aiming.  They said it was me. When I finally convinced the bow shop where I’d purchased the bow that is wasn’t right it was returned for the company to look for a problem.

The company found a problem, supposedly corrected it, and the bow was back in my hand yesterday after several months of being absent.  In the absence of the target bow I’d been using my hunting/3D bow during tournaments.  That bow I’d been using for targets (dots) was converted back to a hunter class rig for 3D a few days ago.

Certainly I could have used a target set up for 3D – long stabilizers and a scope.  I’ve done that in the past.  Maybe in the future I’ll shoot 3D with a target rig again.  The thing is I prefer shooting 3D using a hunter class rig.

To make things a bit more challenging there is no hunter class at ASA in my age group.  So, I’ve qualified for the tournament by dropping down into a younger division.  I expect I’ll be competing against archers that aren’t much older than my children.

During a conversation with Reo Wilde I mentioned I’d like to get to a point where I can compete against the archers he shoots against.  He mentioned, “All these young guys are so good.”  He is right there are a lot of younger archers that are good.  There are also a lot of younger archers that aren’t so good – he doesn’t need to shoot against them.  Reo Wilde, also, doesn’t compete in 3D. On the other hand I did get my wish to compete against younger archers.

I’ve looked at 3D in the same way I considered mountain bike racing compared to road bike racing.  The disciplines are different and each attracts it’s own breed of athlete.  Switching over from one disciple to the other provides a nice break.  And I figure, with archery, put the dot in the middle and shoot the dot. It isn’t as if I’m trying to race these younger guys through the woods on a mountain bike.