Getting though a tough day

Some days archery is, well, humiliating and humbling. Lately, I’ve been having a run on those types of days. Sunday’s tournament was no exception.

Before the day was out I’d flung arrows all over the place during a 3D tournament in Beaufort County, North Carolina. Targets were occasional obstacles to prevent my Black Eagles from being lost in the woods. Rings on the faux critters were pointless makings. It was bad, really bad.

Among the few good things about the competition was the group that invited me to join. The group held three archers, Cricket, Bryan and Chas. Chas invited me to join their trio. I appreciated being asked. It meant I didn’t have to play the “hunt-a-group” game.

Chas (in the short sleeves), Cricket, and Bryan.

I’ve gotten pretty good at “hunt-a-group” and can often spot clusters of two or three archers. Those are my quarry when searching for a way onto a local competitive 3D range. But, the game is always a bit stressful and I was happy not to play.

Our group was fortunate in that we got into the woods early. The day looked like it was going to be light on the number of people that came out to shoot. However, as the day wore on archers came in by the dozens. Being one of the first quartets taking to the woods we never needed to wait at any stake. Our group finished the course in about 2.5 hours, a decent time to spend shooting on a cold and wet day.

Throughout the morning the temperature ran between 44°F and 48°F. It had been raining until shortly before we started shooting. Beyond that early rain the weather remained chilly and misty.

Cricket taking a shot under a cloudy sky.

After the agonizing experience on the range I considered folding my scorecard away in a pocket. The shoot organizers post scores for everyone to see.  I wasn’t certain I wanted share this moment. Alas, I turned in the optimistically named ‘score’ card as a public reminder of the work I need to improve.

Departing I recognized a couple to friends, that had arrived late. They naturally asked, “How’d you do?” Truly, I couldn’t have shot much worse and had to admit to the poor showing for the day. In response one of the fellas commented, “Well, at least you had fun.” I’m not certain I’d have called it fun. On the other hand, I got though a tough day with a group of fine folks.