Holy Cow! That Equipment Stuff is Important.

Recently, I shot an indoor tournament held in Elizabeth City, NC. The bow I used is an Elite Energy 35. It has B-Stinger stabilizers, front and side each with a few weights. The arrow rest is a QAD Ultrarest. The sight is an Axcel with an X-31 scope and 4X lens. The rig weights 6.6 pounds. The arrows I shot are Black Eagle Challengers. The release I used is a Scott Pro Advantage. I left there having shot all nines and tens with the exception of one eight. But, I did not win.

What was apparent was the significant difference between my bow and the winner’s bow. That bow was a Hoyt Podium. I don’t know the weight of the bow, but it felt at least twice as heavy as mine. There was another significant difference between the Easton arrows shot to win and my Black Eagle arrows.

The arrow comment is not a statement that one brand is superior to another. I like Black Eagle and purchased them for 3D archery. I’ve used them indoors for months. When my coach had me test their spine as a match to my bow it was apparent I had the incorrect spine.

My coach had me shoot a bare shaft. The arrow pulled so far to the right it missed the entire target. In fact, I have my sight’s windage screwed so far to the right that is has reached it maximum right limit. The arrows had been sold to me after we checked the spine labeling for stiffness to ensure it matched my bow.  Obviously, I missed something important.

What I am driving at is that there are important equipment changes that need to be considered in order to get the best performance from my bow.