IBO World Championship 2015 Day Two

Day two was better than day 1. That’s to be expected since day one was petty much spent practicing on slopes. Here in coastal NC, where I live, there are no hills. The ski resort in Ellicottsville, NY is pretty much what you’d expect hill-wise from a ski resort.  So, you can image the terrain from which we shot at the World Championship.

This shot, aside from being around 44 yards was a tricky one with its placement

The IBO gave the Pro Hunter archers a serious 2-day challenge. The group of 5 in which I shot had a number of that band contesting in the shoot-out on Sunday. Needless to say, these fellows, with up to 33 years of archery experience, had the sport down.

Bill, representing Hoyt, checking out three 11s and two tens shot from 40 yards.

Shooting using pins and a short stabilizer from a maximum of 45 yards is a haul. On both days we had our fair share of long shots.

This sheep at 43 yards was one of the easier shots.

The fellows I shot with were excellent archers. They were, like so many others, pleasant guys with whom to spend the better part of a day. However, when the second day was done, I headed home stopping in Winchester, VA to sleep a few hours before finishing the drive on Sunday. Granted, I’d miss the excitement in New York, but my children and grandchildren arrived at my home on Friday and I was eager to get back.