IBO World Championship 2015

I received my “Official Invitation” to compete at the IBO World Championship in the mail yesterday. It is a leap going from amateur to pro not only in the distance to the target but the price to compete.

My options for qualifying meant shooting as a Master (amateur), Senior Pro without restriction in stabilizers, sights, etc., or in the pro hunter class. The IBO doesn’t have a pro class for Masters. Their senior pro age begins at 50. I chose, this year, to try qualifying in the pro hunter class.IMG_3549

The advantage is that I shoot most frequently with the equipment used for the hunter class. The downside is that there doesn’t seem to be sub-sets for age. The age doesn’t disturb me, as much is the number of competitors that can qualify in what could be a large group.

The price is another big jump – nearly $100.00 more than shooting as an amateur. Still at $170.00 to enter the price is a lot less than an Ironman event. Ironman events range from $650.00 to $725.00 just to enter. But, at least in archery I stand a chance to win my money back.