IBO World Championship Warm-up

Thursday was check-in for the IBO World Championship and practice. The practice range is a short trip via ski lift to the top of a mountain.

Scenic ride to the top

The practice range was slow again this year. Not as bad as last year. I got in a shot every 10 minutes. Some groups were large, 5 – 7 shooters and very slow. Shooting alone I jumped ahead of them when bottlenecks occurred.

Skipping ahead of this group I found a spot where I could move faster

The practice targets weren’t easy shots. I heard more than one arrow zing through the woods followed by grumbling or worse.

Heard someone zing an arrow over this target. I was happy with my shot

I spent an hour and forty minutes practicing. I shot two eights, my first two shots, followed by 3 tens and 5 elevens. Most of the targets were on level ground or slightly downhill. This is the terrain that I’ve practiced and competed on thus far in 2015. I don’t live near a range where the target is uphill. Driving out I noticed the ranges where I’ll shoot tomorrow off in the distance. Of course, two of the targets looked like steep uphill shots.

IMG_4082 IMG_4081

This spotted cat was down the path seen here at 40 yards.

IMG_4084 IMG_4085


This caribou was at 45 yard shot.  The stake was at 40 yards, I backed up five more before shooting.