Jalapenos and Archery Tournaments

It is rare to find food that is too spicy.  The hotter the better.  There have been times when food was served that were fireball hot.  Still, for me, it didn’t go to waste.  That is until the next day.

The day after eating particularly spicy food the results of digestion can attest to the degree of heat previously consumed.  For some of us, jalapenos do not fall into the category of foods that lead to gastronomical second degree burning.  The first degree being felt in the buccal cavity.

Recently, I spent a long day in outdoor competition where I didn’t bring enough food.  By the time I was home I was hungry and tired.  I wanted to go out for dinner and not cook or clean the kitchen.  I further had a taste for spicy food. Brenda, my wife agreed to dinner on the town. We decided on Mexican food.

As a rule, Mexican food is delicious, hot and filling.  Like I mentioned, I was hungry.

We didn’t order anything outlandish.  The food was excellent.  My mistake was fresh and pickled jalapenos.  I got extra.  Our salsa request was, “Bring us the hottest you have, please.”  They were proud of their ability to satisfy.

On day 2 of the archery tournament announcements were being delivered throughout the morning. I missed at least half of them.  One very fortunate geographical development is that where I was standing to shoot on day 2 was as close to the rest rooms as possible. Another really lucky thing is that I didn’t need to shoot for quite some time having two byes in the elimination rounds.

Most times spicy food and my lower G.I. system are extremely compatible. Spicy food divergence with an archery tournament intersection is a rough way to spend a morning on the range.

Another life lesson learned.