Le Petite Slam

There were a number of archery tournaments I wanted to win in 2017. These were: the North Carolina State Indoor 18-meter Championship, North Carolina State Outdoor 50-Meter Championship, USA Archery National Indoor Championship (Snellville, GA), and the Virginia IBO State 3D Championship. These competitions were my “Le Petite Slam”.  They don’t make up a Grand Slam, but they represented a nice collection of archery venues. I won them.

6 thoughts on “Le Petite Slam”

  1. Congratulations!! I enjoy reading your posts. You should mention you were the smallest offensive lineman to start two years at a big high school. A real knee biter you were!!

    1. Hi Al, I should have never been on the line. The value I had, however, was my size. I got tangled up under everyone’s feet and appeared to have blocked them. Thanks, David

    1. Hi Angelo, Thanks. Yes, it was nice getting out with you and Michael. It’s tough to beat early morning speed 3D archery.

    1. Hi Jonathan, I’ve been studying just that for some time. There are lots of motivational books. I’ve read a few that are specific to athletes. They are interesting. There are all sorts of sports psychology papers, reports and authors of books eager to grab an athletes money. Much of it seems to be more of the same. But, what has captured my thoughts is the drive of elite athletes. The top athletes don’t seem to need the same type of external motivation others look for. Their motivation and drive is internal. It seems to come from a combination of events in their lives along with environmental stress mixed with genetics. But, I am only getting a grasp on it. There is another factor that is their view of themselves and their attitude. Thanks for asking, David

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