March Edition of the Buckeyes 3D in Social Circle

It has been raining a lot here in Georgia. I half expected the Buckeyes 3D archery tournament in Social Circle to be canceled. Having no way to verify the shoot I made the 80-mile trip in hopes the rain would break. Their course is always a challenge and it would have been a shame to not compete in this last of four events over the past 8 days.

Early registration
Gretchen dressed to stay warm in the wet 36 degree weather

When I arrived at the range and turned my car off the rain stopped. There weren’t too many archers practicing or at registration. My friends David Alligood and Gretchen Pruett were working the desk. Both wore heavy coats and welcoming smiles.

A few competitors were signing in when David asked me, “Do you have anyone to shoot with?” I didn’t and Hunter, who was checking it, invited me to join their group of three.

That matter out of the way I headed to the warm up range. I shot six arrows hitting my mark twice each at 20, 30 and 40 yards. I thought I was ready, I was wrong.

Feeling confident at 40 yards

On the first shot in woods I missed the target. My judgment of yardage was off more than usual today.  Throughout the shoot my rights and lefts were fine, my ups and downs were today’s weak points. Sadly, there isn’t much that can be done to offset a miss.

Careful examination will reveal a mountain lion in the distance

In our group was a youngster that Hunter was instructing. The little guy was a good shot. He also appreciated splashing in puddles and digging his rubber boots in the plentiful red clay mud holes. Although Hunter made attempts to avail the nipper of proper range etiquette, the puddles and mud were too tempting. Employing forced discipline I remained separate from the obvious pleasure of squishing muck.

With Hunter’s back turned, mud mischief was underway

Coming off the course my score wasn’t as horrible as I’d supposed but certainly below my average. I’ll need to wait to learn how I faired overall. Unlike the few archers that had gathered earlier the range was now filled with shooters. These late arrivals will certainly knock me down in the standings.

After packing my gear I said my goodbyes. This is a very nice group of athletes here in Social Circle. Their course is particularly challenging and a great place to train or compete. I’ll look forward to my next tournament at the Buckeyes. Driving away, the rain renewed its drenching of Georgia.

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    1. Sammy’s mud activities looked like fun. I considered similar enterprise but expected Hunter wouldn’t appreciate the encouragement. Both are fine young men.

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