May 9th Beaufort County Archers’ 3D Shoot

Despite the earlier start time for the shoot, I awoke as usual

Saturday was another 3D tournament at the Beaufort County Archers Club near Washington, NC. With tropical storm Ana headed our way the shoot start time was moved up an hour earlier. A lot of people stayed home thinking they’d at a minimum get rained on. In that, at least, they were correct.

Living on the coast of North Carolina we’re going to be hit by hurricanes. Tropical Storm Ana didn’t reach hurricane force. However, when it passes over house today it will be a tropical depression. On Saturday Ana was only a slight nuisance and brought a bit of rain and wind.

During the tournament we got sprinkled on twice and soaked once. Fortunately for our group the downpour coincided with the final target. We rushed to the clubhouse and by the time we reached it the rain had stopped. Everyone was dry within a short time.

I noticed a few bear tracks in the mud and fed a lot of mosquitos

I shot with pins and my new Elite 35 for the first time. The max distance for me, in this event, is 45 yards. I did better on the first 10 than the second. When I left for home there remained others on the range that could push me out of first. Scores aren’t yet posted, so I’ll have to wait for the results.