Ninety in the Morning

I have this friend that competes in a lot of archery tournaments. He’s shot in Europe and the US. He’s been at it for decades and he’s good. But, I don’t buy into his training plan.

Now, I do have an advantage over him. I can practice 3D, 18-meter, outdoor and field by walking to whichever range I need to practice. By friend has to make a drive to a range.

Living out in the country does beat living in a city.

When he’s on the range, say outdoor 50-meter, he’ll stay for hours and shoot around 400 arrows. It works for him. The better way, in my opinion, is to break up practice session.

Generally, I practice twice a day. Some days I’ll shoot three times. Mostly, though, it is morning and afternoon. If I know I’ll have a mid-day shoot time, I’ll add a third practice to my schedule to become accustom to shooting through or around lunch.

Each of my practices lasts between one and a half to three hours, depending on how much walking is involved. I’ll shoot between 60 and 120 arrows each practice. That is unless I am doing a mock-tournament where I shoot exactly the way I’d be required to shoot in the tournament. This morning I stopped at 90. I’ll get the second 90 this afternoon.

Shoot 5 arrows, back-up and repeat

The problem with shooting hundreds of arrows without a break in both physical and mental. Physically, we fatigue inviting small errors that can become problematic to correct. Mentally, the brain needs a break.

As nice as this is, a couple of hours and it is time for a break

My friend lives in Europe. Hopefully, we’ll be competing against one another during of the major tour events in 2018. I do keep an eye on his scores for 18-meters and 50-meters. His last 50-meter score beat mine by 10 points.