Owned by BOCO

On Saturday, at the Beaufort County Archery Club’s (BOCO) 3D tournament I shoot poorly. A full point to shoot lower than my 2017 average (Four total 3D events). Last week I shoot an average of 10.05 points per target. This week at BOCO I averaged 8.5 points per target.

All sports it takes a few years, some say eight to ten, to become an elite. At the elite level, evaluating the senior pro scores at the ASA Augusta Pro/AM (won by Roger Willett) there wasn’t a single archer that scored less than 10 points per arrow in the top twenty.

The archers in that group shot from a maximum distance of 50 yards. I have competed at that distance. The data, on my scores, range from a maximum of 40 to 50 yards depending on the class. I think the mean yardage overall may not be statistically significant (all arrows, all distances for my events) for the subsets of targets and max distance. The value of the longer shots, though, in my opinion carries a heavier degree of complexity. But, I am limited on the data I can measure outside of my recorded numbers. So, I used what I have to help analyze BOCO. From that analysis perhaps a revised training plan can emerge.

When I measured my average with other masters at the simular ASA events, therefore the same or greater yardage for all scores, I am in the scoring ballpark at over 10 points per target with the top shooters (for 2017). The winner in the class where I’ll be shooting ASA in Augusta 2017 won in 2016 with an average of 10.4 points per arrow. in thirty percent of my events I score an average of 10.5 (top third) for the same maximum distance. Overall, my average is 9.5 points per arrow, which lands me around 9th place in Augusta using 2016 numbers. Not where I want to be, there’s still time to get the 18-meter distance flushed and reset my internal range finder. Then, there’s BOCO.

Last year my maximum distance was 50 yards for ASA style events. Considering that distance for 2016 BOCO and the one BOCO 40 yard maximum for 2017, my average score per arrow is 8.1. Yesterday, I averaged 8.5 (170 / 20 arrows). The week before at a 3D event in Elizabeth City, I averaged 10.05 points per arrow.

It hadn’t occurred to me that BOCO was a particular problem until this most recent shoot. I knew it was a tough range, but it’s seems tougher on me than many other archers. It’ a great range in a beautiful patch of forest. But, for the moment it has my number.