Putting 3D on a Back Burner for a Few Weeks

If off of 3D for a while.  Back to shooting dots.  Over the next few weeks I’ll do an outdoor tournament in Madison, Georgia before heading over to Decatur, Alabama for the USA Outdoor Nationals.

Brenda is coming with me on this trip.  We’re bringing River and Nixie.  All of us will be packed into our 21-foot long Minnie Winnebago.  It will be an adventure.

On the road – again

Before I hit the road I needed new arrows.  I tried to get the “skinny” arrows similar to those the big boys shoot.  That didn’t quite pan out and I’ll be shooting my old standby Beman ICS Hunter arrows.

I had eight of them and bought another 1/2 dozen at Winks Sporting Goods in Princess Anne, Maryland.  CJ Wink, also changed the tips and vanes so the arrows ‘mostly’ match. Two were older and a different length so they were eliminated from my pile of arrows.

The concern is that these “fatter” arrows may have be a slight detriment over a longer distance outdoors.  Both of these upcoming outdoor competitions are at 50 meters.  But, I can only shoot what I have on hand.

Well, that’s a pretty good start

Before I got on road, I gave the Beman’s a try.  Shooting all the arrows at the exact same point is risky.  Twelve should be fine.

Do this twice in a row and there’s a good change one arrow gets busted.