Rain, Rain, and More Rain

For the fourth time in this year of outdoor competition it rained.  Along with the most recent rain there was lightening.  This meant a lot of long delays during the 2021 Georgia State Outdoor Championship held in Statesboro, Georgia on the campus of Georgia Southern University.

Yep, there was plenty of lightening to go around

The crowd was the smallest of any State level tournament where I shot thus far.  There was conflict with the ASA Classic over the same weekend.  That pulled a lot of primarily 3D archers away from the target event. A bunch of compound bow archers were in Alabama.

There is also the distance that may have given some archers pause.  The senior recurve archers had to hit a target at 90 meters.  This is the reason I shot Masters.  I don’t have a 90-meter range to practice the nearly 100 yard shot.

There was, however, an abundance of kids.  There should someone to help these younger archers scoring.  Lord, it took way too long for those kids to add.  Along with the lightening the scoring delays turned the day into a marathon. Actually, it was longer than a marathon by hours – and only 72 arrows! It took longer to shoot the 72 arrows than it used to take me to do a 70.3 Ironman.  And that is excluding the wait for awards.  Add that time and we’re getting into 140.6 Ironman times. I couldn’t have finished a full Ironman in the same amount of time required to complete the Georgia Outdoor Championship.  A few triathletes could have come close.  Definitely, I’d have finished a ½ Ironman and been packed and on my way home before the completion of this archery tournament.

The rain was a delaying factor. The kids however really need to be managed.  In my scoring group there was one cadet, not exactly a kid.  This cadet was totally lost when it came to addition.  I’ve made a mistake scoring, all of us have, but this math challenged cadet was simply lost.  With help he was able to record the scores.  I know the younger kids were taking a whole lot longer to score and no one was there to help.

If finally stopped raining (Glad to have brought another set of clothes.)

Aside from those complaints there was nothing amiss with program. Once again, Georgia Southern University did a fine job.