Rain, the Wrong Shirt, an ASA Shoot Done, and Riding the Trails

The 2016 McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour: New Breed & Leupold shoot is in the books. The second day was faster than the first. Still, it was a long day of shooting. By faster, we averaged one shot every ten and a half minutes.

Heading into the park.

I was pleased with my shooting. This is the first ASA event where I’ve competed. And I nearly didn’t get to finish.

The weather called for rain. It was pouring when I left home. I dressed for the rain and carried an extra set of clothes to change into if necessary. I was considering the weather and didn’t pay attention to my shirts. Neither shirt had a collar.

Randy, Sid, and Don – correctly dressed.

It stopped raining before we got on the range. As I entered I was blocked and told I could not enter the range because my shirt didn’t have a collar. I’m not one to argue with event officials. Arguing, I’ve learned over years of competitions, only helps the official justify their control and power over the athlete. Rather than try to explain I dressed for rain and had forgotten about collars I said, “Well, I guess I’m going home,” and turned to leave. The range official took pity on me and said, “Go ahead, this time,” and let me pass – he still was able to exert his control and power over me. I got to shot sans collar.

In an Ironman race, the Eagleman Ironman 70.3, I had a similar experience. There’s a rule regarding the material used to create a skin suit used for swimming. The officials were inspecting the skin suits, mine was inspected and passed. Minutes before the swim start a different official told me my suit was not legal. She suggested that I remove it, put it on the ground, and pick it up later. Despite explaining the suit passed the prior inspection, she refused to let me enter the water. Well, I wasn’t peeling off  the suit and leaving it on the ground – it cost over $300.00. I told her, “I’m not removing the suit, I’ll race for fun, don’t count my time” and raced. The suit was legal and I wasn’t the only person wearing that exact brand and material. I still have it and still use it. Control and power, I suppose being an official can go to some people’s heads.

An old hunting shack I passed on my mountain bike ride

Despite the apparel faux pas I shot better today than the first day. The longest target was only around 44 yards per my estimate, which was good enough for a 12. I did have a windage problem that once corrected thing went better.  But, it took too many targets to figure out I had a sight problem – I was shooting to the left. I thought it was me, not my equipment.  Another archer pointed out I was hitting the exact same spot on the left every time. A few clicks and problem solved. I ended up setting my high score for the year breaking yesterday’s score by 5 points. I am still  pretty far away from the top guys but had enough good shots to know it’s coming together.

Old school port-a-potty in the woods

Because the start of the shoot was at 0730 (delayed to 0800+) I got home in plenty of time to spend a couple of hours on my mountain bike. There are lots of trails through the woods here and I did my best to explore as many as possible until I needed to head home for dinner.

We had steaks cooked on the grill with roasted potatoes and green beans. After dinner I took River and Nixie swimming before River and I headed back out for another ride and run. A more than decent way to enjoy a Sunday in May.

Your not having fun until someone is bleeding

2 thoughts on “Rain, the Wrong Shirt, an ASA Shoot Done, and Riding the Trails”

  1. Requiring collard shirts seems a bit odd but I suppose they want to portray a professional appearance (I don’t know how much filming Bowjunky does at ASA Events these days but it was pretty frequent before the website was sold).

    While a strange requirement, it is probably a good thing that they enforce it. I don’t know the particulars but one of our state field archery organizations here in PA has a rule that competitors are to wear white. I’ve heard a few people complain about feeling foolish being the only person dressed in white not knowing that the rule isn’t enforced.

    1. Yes, it is a mistake I’ll make just that one time. Actually, I had a collared shirt, but forgot all about wearing it when I was considering the rain.

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