Ranked #1 in Georgia Two Years in a Row

Results from the Georgia Archery Association’s State rankings show me finishing 1st (AG) for the second year in a row.  The Georgia Bowhunter and Archery Association’s rankings have not been updated since June 19th.  In those, for some reason, I’m not listed.  I understand that data will soon be updated.

Finishing first in my age group in this State is a haul.  At any given tournament there are at least 4 other archers in my division that have beaten me at time or two.  The scores are always close. Then, there are outliers, fellows you don’t see often or don’t know who could show up and spoil it all.  At one event in 2020 the top three archers in my division all surpassed the prior State record.  In another the first and second place finishers just missed the National record.  I expect that record my fall in 2020 or 2021 to a Georgian.

It is tough to win here in Georgia.  The State’s archers are members of National Teams, the Para-Olympic Team and the 2020 Olympic Team.  It isn’t unheard of that during a tournament some record is broken whether it be a State, National or World record.

Georgia is a Mecca for archery.  At local ranges across the Peach State you’ll find walls papered with targets pounded with perfect scores.   My targets remain aloof where perfection is demonstrated – perhaps in 2020 I’ll be able to add one to some wall of honor.* It seems I’ll pretty much have to be able to reach that level just to hang in there with these Southern boys in my group. What is clear is that when ever an archer over 60 registers for a tournament here that archer has done so intending to win.



  • I’ve come close.  There’s always that one untrained arrow.  Length of time trying: 6 years, 2 months, 4 days at this point.