Revising and Finishing the Plan for 2017

The 2017 Indoor Archery season is done, at least for me. There is a National 5-spot tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio in a few weeks. Five-spot targets are fun – the X ring is huge! But, it was not on my 2017 plan and as tempting as it is I am sticking with the plan. The plan now moves to 3D.

At the moment, however, it is a scheduled break and recovery period. My bow is sitting a few yards away and targets are not much further away. I’d like t go shoot, but I’m sticking with the plan. Tomorrow starts a little active recovery – kayaking followed by fishing. Then, this coming weekend I’ll pick up a bow and head out to shoot in a 3D contest totally unprepared. By that I mean having not shot a bow in six days prior to the tournament.

It’s not my first 3D tournament of 2017. Thus far, I’ve shot in two with minimal preparation and using a back-up bow. They were on the plan and considered exclusively for fun events. For the past few months, practice has been intensely 18-meters.

Looking at the 3D season and the goals for 2017 I’ve had to make adjustments. Specific tournaments, when the schedule finally appeared, fell during times where Brenda, my wife, and I planned family outings. To make adjustments I found other similar events to take the place of the original. The past four hours have been spent working on scheduling and registrations.

The 2017 plan, now revised, is complete through August. August was tough. There’s the ASA Classic the first weekend and the IBO World Championship the next weekend. That’s a lot of traveling to shoot at both. The IBO is closer to home. I chose the IBO.