Roanoke Archers, Down East Coalition 3D Tournament in Plymouth

The Down East Archery Coalition’s 3D point season is nearly completed. I won’t make the next point shoot which will be held in Elizabeth City, NC. The Elizabeth City shoot is on the same weekend as the IBO World Championship in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. It won’t be the only competition in their series I’ve missed. Travel to tournaments outside the state have, at times, infringed on the Coalition’s events.

A group on the first side of the course. Targets 1 – 8 were pretty easy, nothing over 35 yards. Targets 9 – 20 , well things did get long.

The Roanoke Archers in Plymouth, North Carolina is one of their closer ranges to my home. The drive is only an hour away. I got to the range early. Arriving early often means getting onto the range before the slower groups. For this event, I got lucky.

I was able to team up with a small group and we were allowed on the range a few minutes before the posted start time. We weren’t the first with others hoping to get off the range before the temperatures soared.

It’s been hot here over the past few week with 3 digit heat indices a common occurrence. This day would fit that trend. By target nine there wasn’t a dry shirt on the course. A good friend of mine, Willis, was soaked in sweat.

Willis’ shirt is soaked with sweat which is why it appears to be two shades of blue.

Willis is 74 and retired. He mentioned he’s not real happy with his recent retirement in that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Obviously, he’s been filling his days with archery – his shooting was spot on until the heat began to take a toll. His shots scores began to drop as his sweat began to drop into his eyes clouding his vision.

Two other activities, aside from archery, he mentioned are now doing on his weekly agenda are running and weight lifting. At 74 years of age, Willis, aside from his complaint that he doesn’t know what to do with himself, seems to have the active schedule of a 30 year old. In fact, it seemed to me he was handling the adverse temperature better than most.

It’s easy to admire anyone that decides to take on a fitness and training program. Willis is a great example that age is no barrier to sports performance and conditioning training.


There’s one more Down East Archery Coalition shoot that I might be able to manage, in Jacksonville, NC on August 30th. That’s far enough away it becomes an overnight trip. Maybe I’ll load up the Winnebago and give it a shot.