Saturday at the ASA Leopold AAE Pro/AM – Augusta

The ASA Leopold AAE Pro/AM was off to a good start; I got a parking spot 250 steps from the entrance to my range. The rain was holding off, the temperature was in the mid-sixties, and there was no wind. Perfect conditions for a high score. The promising morning didn’t last.

250 steps away from range H. Excellent

It started raining and rained a long while. It was never really bad but seemed to have a little negative impact. I sort of enjoyed it although my shooting gave no indication the wet conditions were in any way a favor. The rain stopped about half way through the 20 target range.

Only a light rain at this point. It was never really a hard rain.

A few shots into the program I discovered the class I was shooting in was not the class I thought I would be shooting in. There are so many ASA classes it is a maze for anyone new to the ASA. Before I signed up I called the good folks in Kennesaw and asked for help. Taking their advice and explanation I signed up incorrectly. Nevertheless, it had no impact on my score.

One our our nicer groups

My score was a sad number. My lowest of 2017. Prior to today I knew my averages at similar distances. I ended up nearly a point lower per arrow than normal. It came down to one shot that blew my average. It was an easy shot and a very clear target. It was only 31 yards out.

The error was totally mental. There are two yellow pins on my sight, one for 30 yards the other for 40 yards. I shot over the 30-yard target. A total blank. I knew immediately. You might guess which of the two yellow pins I used for aiming. You can’t miss and be in the game. Unless you have a heroic comeback and a bit of help from the other shooters.

There were a fair number of long shots.

Sunday starts at 0730. There is no rain in the forecast. But, today’s shooting means tomorrow is high-level practice. A major plus is the course is excellent and I know where to park.

If this archery thing doesn’t work out – there’s always another sport