Shooting on Pearl Harbor Day at Mid-Del Archers in Delaware

It was a cold and windy day of 3D competition in Harrington, DE on Sunday December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Mid-Del Archers put on another excellent tournament. The course is not super difficult but there are no easy X shots. And as usual there were plenty of great shooters on the range.


The temperature wasn’t unbearably cold at 37°F (2.7°C) but it was the wind that hammered us. The wind speed was 16 – 19 mph with gusts up to 29 mph (26 – 30 kph with gusts to 46 kph). On the front side of the range the trees and bushes are tighter and the wind had less of an impact. The back half was another matter.


The back half of the course is more open and distances to the target were longer. On several shots just before releasing the arrow more than one archer smartly let down when hit by a gust of wind.

As has become my practice, I showed up solo and hoped to connect with a group that had room for another shooter. This method of “free-ranging” has always led me to a group of friendly competitive shooters. This tournament was no different.IMG_2622 2

A party consisting of granddad, dads, a son and grandson invited me to shot along with them. They’d been on the range the day before and helped set up the targets. The youngest was very pleased with having set up a foam pig so that its X was on its rear end. He was particularly proud of his ingenuity.

When the shoot was over I hadn’t scored a personal best (although it was a PR for this range) but I had shot my coldest tournament thus far. At the clubhouse I turned in my scorecard and thawed out. A number of people asked if River, my dog was with me – today she wasn’t; I felt it would be too cold to leave her in the truck. In the clubhouse chili was the meal being served. I declined the food so I could have lunch with Brenda, my wife, when I got home.

Archers mingling and reviewing scores as they are posted

It was another fun shoot with the Mid-Del Archers. Their Christmas party is coming up no December 21st. Sadly, I’ll miss that since I’ll be in Georgia to hunt and compete. But, Mid-Del remains one of my favorite places to shoot.


2 thoughts on “Shooting on Pearl Harbor Day at Mid-Del Archers in Delaware”

  1. Hey David, we couldn’t ask for a better writeup and it’s certainly appreciated. You have a gift my friend. Hopefully, this will result in increased participation. See you on our first 3D & Field Shoot Jan 4th.

    Jim Roberts, Marketing Dir, Mid-Del Archers

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks, it is a blast shooting at Mid-Del. Really wish I could make the shoot in January but I’ll be shooting at the “Buckeye Tournament” in Social Circle, GA on the 4th.

      Thanks again,


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