Speed 3D and Jogging to Keep Up

The Soul Hunters, a member of the Down East Archery Coalition held a 3D competition today in Elizabeth City, NC. It is nice to have a 3D event so close to where I live in New Hope.

The range is just across the river. If there was a nearby landing I could have made the trip over water. There is no place the land my boat; the truck was my conveyance for about 25 minutes.

The weather suggested rain and then it rained a little. It wasn’t bad. A friend, Angelo, who was required to make a 2.5 hour road trip to compete was at the range by 0847 and hunting me at home in an effort to hurry me along. We planned to meet around 0920. He wanted to get the shooting underway should the rain become more serious.

The rain let up and Angelo and I were signing in by 0915. As Angelo was registering Mike, a traditional shooter, walked up and we had a threesome. Angelo shot open class and I shot hunter class.

Angelo (photo courtesy of Angelo Thompson)

I moved to hunter class after a couple of years shooting at a maximum distance of either 45 or 50 yards depending on whether I was shooting IBO or ASA. The ASA hunter class brings me down to a max of 40 yards and at IBO the max is 35 yards for the 2017 season. Moving through woods, even on a manicured 3D range, is much more relaxing carrying a hunting bow arrangement rather than hauling around a bow with all sorts of accouterments and extensions.

Our band was first on the range. Angelo and Mike are tall fellows with long legs. Without an impasse of archers ahead of us we made good time. Mike, shooting traditional was fast being only slightly delayed by Angelo and me. I must say that the long-legged duo had me fairly jogging to keep up. I don’t mind a jog and was glad to be in decent shape.

We cleared the woods in record time. This was pleasing for Angelo and Mike who had a long journey home. On the other hand I had time to spare so I hung around and ate lunch.

Mike (Photo courtesy of Michael Lupton)

Food at a 3D range is at times dicey. Usually, sticking with a burger is the safest route. The $2.00 burger offered by the Soul Hunters was a good bet.

I averaged 9.5 points per arrow and shot a lower score, 190, than I’d have expected. None of the targets were awful even though many were small: a skunk, frog, badger, javelina, a baboon, multi-ringed raccoon and turkeys  were among them.

The longest distance target was a standing bear at 40 yards, for me, on which I shot a center 10. The 10 ring was smallish for a standing bear. The foam animal was old and had been repaired a number of times. The homemade-crafted 10 ring was a little short on diameter. But, I took the 10 rather than gamble for a 12.

I’d wagered on shots a number of times going for 12s I felt I could hit.  The pay outs were mostly 8s. Only one 12 was struck so I took a less aggressive posture and shot for 10s. That strategy probably saved me further embarrassment.

As always, it was light and easy shooting with Angelo and Mike. My sprinting through the woods, keeping pace with those long gaited friends,  necessitated a nap when I got home. (Then again, I try to take a nap everyday.)  It was nice to get through the woods at a fast pace.

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  1. David, you are an engaging writer. Thanks for taking the time to write your posts.

    1. Thanks for reading them Jonathan. By now you know – I do not have an editor and am a failure at proof reading my own work.

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