That Was a Surprise

When I began shooting a bow (3 years, 4 months, and 2 days ago) the 10 ring on a 3-spot, for 18 meter shooting, was the second smallest ring in the yellow. The smallest ring was still a 10 but counted as a 10X where the archer with the most X’s won the day.

The old scoring method

Shooting that larger 10 ring I was progressing and my scores were improving. About a year later things changed. The change was rough. Only the smallest ring, about the size of a penny counted as a 10 and the remaining yellow was a nine. My scores dropped along with most everyone else’s.

Data collection using the old 10 ring

So long as everyone is shooting for the same target from the same distance the scoring change is fair. But, back in November of 2016 my scores dropped again.

For months I’ve been trying to hack the problem. I’d finally edged into the 580 (out of 600) range before dropping back to an average score of 552. That’s a lot of points moving in the wrong direction.

I tried switching back and forth between my Elite 35 Energy and my Mathews Conquest Apex 7. I changed from back tension to thumb and back again. I shot combinations of bows and release styles. Through it all my average remained below where I was in October of 2016.

Reviewing my notes I found, and I’d not been thinking about this, a change of arrows. The very day I changed arrows my points dropped. So out of curiosity, I switched to the arrows I’d been shooting where my scores were improving; the October and prior time. In my first try back with the old arrows my score improved by 12 points over the last practice with the new arrows.

Data slope moving upward, then a drop in the middle – What?

Twelve points might not sound like a lot, but in archery that’s a nice gain. I’ll shoot with the old arrows for a while and see what happens. Hopefully, I’ll get back on the correct slope that’s advancing.

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