That Yell Wasn’t Meant for You

Archery competitions are generally quiet.  Today was a Saturday morning league event.  Yesterday’s practice had me hopeful for a high score.  By high, I was aiming for all tens. (Aren’t we all)

On the range at 18-meters, my warm-up shots suggested I was on track.  The first three arrows for scoring were 10, 10 and 9.  Oh well, that’s how it goes.

Still, the day wasn’t going badly.  Not great, but things seemed to be headed for a decent score.  With two ends to go, I felt six tens coming my way.

On the first shot of the next to last end I was feeling it.  Then, someone yelled, “Whoa” or something to that effect.  Loud and in my ear I loosed the arrow in synchrony with the holler, totally not aimed, trying to pull away from the target.

I had no idea why the yell had occurred. I still don’t.  All I know is that from an apologetic shouter, “Oh, that wasn’t intended for you.”  It didn’t matter, sound travels, not unlike a wild arrow.

That one shot cost 10 points. There was no reason to piss and moan about it – although I was a bit surprised by the shout. It seemed two guys were clowning around with each other.  I stayed, shot the final end, took my score card, wadded it up and tossed it away.

There’s a reason for quiet when putting in golf.  Then, in golf people are shooting golf balls. There’s a more important reason not to yell on the line in archery. The people there have bows in their hands are shooting arrows.