The Best Laid Plans

Some days are harder than others. Saturday was one of those days. There was an indoor 3D shoot and an organized bike ride and I wanted to do both. Neither would pan out as I’d hoped.

Rather than begin with the ride, it was not a race rather a fundraiser, I started with the indoor shoot. The shoot would be over by noon and I might make the ride if I could get on and off the range before noon.  So, in order to do both, I’d shoot then go do the ride.

When I arrived at the range I almost decided not to shoot. I took one look are realized I could barely make out the targets.  It wasn’t the distance, it was the lighting.

What they had done, with what I am sure were the best intentions, was to have opened a large side bay door at the back of the range to let light natural  illuminate the massive arena. The problem was that the ambient light washed out the overhead lamps and made silhouettes of all but the last row of animals.

The dark targets, javelina, skunk, a frog, a turkey and other dark objects were nothing more than dark shapes.  It made for a seriously challenging exercise. A challenge I considered avoiding and moving cycling to the primary spot on my morning’s activities. In fact, after my first glance, I got back into my truck and began to leave.

However, I decided to shoot.  Not every contest is going to be ideal and this one was going to be hard.  The shoot lived up to my expectations.  I finished with a disappointing score but only 0.3 points below my per shot average.  What was disappointing was that I should have shot better.  Not a single shot “felt” good. Still was wasn’t all bad.

The highlight of the competition was one good-natured young man. The kid was polite, all smiles, and working in earnest to see that everything ran smoothly. He did an exceptional job throughout the morning.

The shoot took so long, there was a large crowd, that by the time I got home, even leaving as quickly as possible I missed the organized ride. Instead of trying to make the ride, which I wouldn’t have, I had lunch, and then took a bike ride solo. Some days plans just don’t work.