Trust Your Training

A common expression heard in triathlon is “Trust Your Training.” A triathlete should know before going into an event his/her approximate finish times for each segment of the race. No matter the athlete’s conditioning or training hours a triathlon will be demanding. Many of the elite triathletes refer to the sport as a mental exercise.

At the Ironman on the Big Island of Hawaii there were nearly 2000 triathletes milling around in the small town of Kona. I was among them. It was amazing to see so many ultra-fit people in one place at the same time. Never before did the phrase “Trust Your Training” mean so much to me.

Yes, this can be a little intimidating.

In archery the same reference to training applies. As an athlete and archer you should have some idea of how you will perform during any given tournament. If, during your training, you hit mostly 5s and 8s, it would be a leap to expect you are going to begin smacking out 10s and 12s.

If you are competing in order to advance your skills, “Trust Your Training.” Know first to not expect a miracle. It’s like that test you had in high school. You’d not studied. No matter how hard you prayed, the results reflected the amount of effort you put into your preparation. Second, know that you are unlikely to start missing targets. If miss one, oh well – it happens to everyone. I was shooting with a two time IBO World Champion. He missed a target. He didn’t dwell on the bad shot, he got into a grove, and made up for the miss with an abundance of 12s.

This can be a little intimidating, as well. But, trust your training.

In practice, if your scores are nearly perfect, odds are you’ll shoot nearly perfectly in competition. If you consistently score perfect – well you get it. There is no reason your skill at archery should fail you unless you mentally collapse.

Trusting your practiced and learned ability, ‘Trusting Your Training” is one step closer to achieving a mental frame of mind to ensure your best outcome.

(So, I keep telling myself!)

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