USA Archery National Indoor Championships – Day 1


I missed the bakery

Day one of this tournament is in the books. The drive to the event was a little longer than planned. The number of athletes competing was a bit of a surprise. I’d guess recurve bows outnumbered compound bows. And, it was nice to run into archers I’d shot against in the past and knew well enough to call them by name.

The tournament is being held in Snellville, GA. (and on other ranges across the US) From our place in Tignall it is about a two-hour drive, although my online search for directions said it was an hour and forty-one minutes. I’ll leave earlier for the second day of shooting.

Because equipment must be checked by USA Archery Officials a little extra time is nice. I had only forty-five minutes for check-in, get my equipment checked, and shoot a few arrows to warm-up.

Archers warming up

There were two ranges in use and I was glad to be shooting on the smaller range. Shooting on target 17D I was next to Roger Willet, Jr. shooting at 17C. Willet has been ranked number one in the world. He did, not surprisingly, shoot better than me. I expect he out shot everyone.

If you wanted to spend money this was the place to do it

I  ran into a couple of friends from Alabama I’d met earlier in the year at another tournament and talked with John from Eatonton, GA. Knowing other people does help reduce the tension. It was nice to exchange pleasantries and catch up on their recent events.

Folks sharing stories after the final end

My shooting was a little above par for the day and I was pleased with my final score. Not my best, but not my worst. Tomorrow I’ll make a slight adjustment and see how the day pans out.