USA National Indoor Championships – Day 2

The Snellville version of the USA National Indoor Championship has completed here in Georgia. It will be at least a month before all the results have been tallied according to one of the officials. Still, the contest was a great kickoff to another trip to Georgia.


During big tournaments I often forget to take photographs, today a good example, I took one photograph. To bad because there were some amazingly shot out centers on the 3-spots. Sadly, I shot enough nines to have left my centers nearly intact.

A number of shooters at Snellville I recognized from Archery TV but didn’t know their names. Again, I shot next to Roger Willet, Jr. who is a very pleasant man. It turns out we live in the same area,  which led a short fishing discussion.

This has nothing to do with the tournament. Inserted for the sole purpose of creating fishing envy.

Now that this event is behind me I’ll be heading out to hunt over the next several days. I am hoping to get a few pigs and a coyote or two. Both species have become serious pests in our neck of the woods. When I am not hunting, I’ll be practicing for next week’s tournament in Social Circle, a 3D shoot, and training for next Saturday’s race in Winder, Ga.