Well, the Nationals Didn’t Pan Out As Expected

What happened? Well, I shot all over the place. Going into the USA Archery Indoor National Championship I expected to shoot within a certain score range. I figured I might shoot a little better or a little worse, but I’ve tracked and studied my scores over the past year and wasn’t heading in blind.

Fans, Family and archers starting to arrive on Saturday
One of two ranges

A good couple of days I’d win, a bad few days I’d still improve over last year. I shot far worse than I’ve shot in months. Literally, I fired off two of my lowest point totals in a year.

Was it nerves? Nope, I felt very relaxed for the most part. Did a rush shots? A few, perhaps.  Was it bad form? Sometimes. But, overall I felt like I was on top of it. Feeling on top of my game and seeing the final results suggests I was not on top of my game.

Two ice rinks were used for shooting

Despite the rotten shooting I ended up second in the South Division. There were a lot of laughs over the two days in Snellville so it was socially fun. But, I’ve got to wait until 2017 for redemption.

Now, it’s time to focus on 3D and prepare for Augusta in April.