You Win Some, You Lose Some

At the Georgia ASA State 3D Championship I finished in a sad third place.  At the Georgia Bowhunter Archery Association/NFAA Section Field Championship I ended up taking a very tight second place.  There the top three scores in my division all surpassed the previous state record score.  Finally, at the Georgia Archery Associations State Field Championship I got my 5thwin for 2019.

In that event, unlike the ASA Championship, I competed in my age group.  If I’d shot in the 50 year old group I’d have finished 2ndto my friend, Fran.  In the seniors, 21 – 49, I’d have been a bit further back in 6thplace.

I like competing against the younger age groups and sometime I do and sometimes I don’t.  But, I assure you; there are plenty of fellows in the 60 – 69 year old division that could compete and do well in the younger divisions.

The major advantage I see, or don’t see, competing against the younger archers is their eyesight. I’m not meaning 20/20 vision, I’m referring to light gathering.  As we age our eyes’ ability to gather light diminishes.  Sometimes, especially in 3D, I’m aiming by putting the fuzzy dark dot in the middle of the fuzzy dark foam animal and hoping.

Hope is as likely to score an 8 as it is a 10 and real luck lands a 12.  Bad luck earns a 5 or the opportunity to search for an arrow.

Practicing for the next tournament, the Georgia Bowhunter Archery Associations State 3D Championship I working on dark targets in shady holes.  If I’m going to use some hopeful luck I might as well practice for it.