17°F (-8°C) and Windy

The weather has been pretty bad lately. It is still cold, 17°F (-8°C), and windy but the sun is shining. Doing just about anything outside means getting cold. Today, I got cold.

Fortunately, I was only really cold while pulling arrows. I shot from a heated shed out toward a 3-spot target. Living way the heck out in the country has advantages.

Nice and warm – warming my releases as well.

What I worked on today was my release. I have three different releases, two hinge and a thumb. I shoot them all about the same. I think if I could get the point of release just right for a hinge that would be what I would use exclusively. But, I continue to go from bad to worst whenever I mess around with either making the release lighter or heavier. Of the two hinges I am using, they’re both mostly right. One is a little heavy; the other is a little bit heavier. Neither is perfect. I’ll mess around with them some more at a later date. I rather just shoot, which means I fall back to using my thumb release. As thumb releases go, I have an inexpensive product, but it seems to be set just right. But, it is easy to get lazy with a thumb release and screw up shots.

The 3 releases

Aside from dealing with my releases I have been working with the grip on my Elite 35. I do not like the feel of the grip. There are after market grips that can be switched on the Elite. They aren’t cheap and I’m not willing to pay for a test drive. So, I did what is probably the least expensive and best thing to get a better feeling grip. I wrapped it with bicycle handle bar tape.

Bicycle handle bar tape. Cycling tape helps reduce the shock of vibration from the road that is transferred to handlebars. It ought to work on this bow.

I spent a few hours shooting and practicing with the newly taped grip and rotating releases. The tape felt nice, the releases just felt like the releases always have – no one of them is a clear winner.

3 tens, 3 different releases.

It was still cold when I finished shooting. I closed the door to my shed and spend an hour on my Comptrainer. As I pedaled I watched Miguel Indurain win the 1992 Tour de France on DVD. Then, headed to the Y in Elizabeth City to lift weight and swim while Brenda, my wife, did her cardio-weight lifting work.

For the romantics out there, yes this is Valentine’s Day. We celebrated yesterday because Brenda wanted to get in a workout today. She’ driving to Atlanta on Monday and felt this might be the last chance she’ll get to lift weights for the next few weeks.

Despite the cold, it has been a very active and fun day to play.