18 Meters, 3D, and a New Bear

It’s that in between time of year. 3D season is ramping up, indoor shooting is on the downslope, and the outdoor main events are only a few months away. Training at the moment is like attention deficient archery.

The present practice is 18 meters in the morning and 3D in the afternoon. After Saturday practice will be 60 meters in the morning and 3D in the afternoon. I’m not headed to the USA Archery Outdoor Championship this year but plan to do well at the NC State Outdoor Championship.

Yep, there’s that brain fart.

There’s one more indoor shoot where I am taking part because it is just up the road. When that one is done, I’m moving outside all the time until August. In August I’ll pick up 18 meters, again.

It’s turn green, it’s wet, warm and swampy. Ideal for water moccasins.

Shooting at 60 meters is a bit like shooting 3D except 3D is closer and I don’t know the yardage. Perhaps, 60 meters will make me more comfortable with those longer shots that crop up.

That will give you an itch

To spruce up the 3D range I’ve added a new bear. This one I placed so that there is a lot of ground cover in front of the target. The only draw back is that, for the moment, the maximum range for this bear is only 38 yards. There are lots of other targets on the range where 60 or more yards are possible. Whether or not I can hit them is another story. Actually, since I am shooting with pins this year 50 yards is the furthest where I have a pin to align with the target.

The new bear. Photo taken at 25 yards zoomed in a bit.

During the afternoon, today, it rained a little. Not enough to chase me inside. My worry wasn’t so much the weather it is the water moccasins that start coming out this time of year. I’ve seen a few snakes one of them was a moccasin. That one was lucky, I was unarmed when we met.