3-Spot Upgrade

Shooting a recurve for the first time it seemed smart to use a single 40 cm target.  It was a good place to begin.  Over the past 28 days groups are getting tighter. So tight that arrows are beginning to break.

River suggesting I change targets

It has only been two arrows.  Three is you count a broken nock which was replaced using the good nock off a cracked arrow.  The cracked arrow earned its retirement after an intersection with another arrow. Most of the time the clearance between arrows is fine.  But, two arrows are still two arrows even if these beginner recurve shafts are $5.83 each (tax excluded).  Break two of these relatively inexpensive arrows and there goes $11.66.

These beginner arrows are too weak.  They’re good up to 30 pounds.  I’m shooting using 35 pound limbs for now.  Still they are what I have until I feel ready for an upgrade.  Not waiting to get new arrows just yet I am doing what I can to protect the 10 I have left.

So, I upgraded to a 3-spot.  Now, there is plenty of room.

You can see the top and bottom arrows may have been damaged if shot on the same target.