3D, a New Sight Tape, and Some Longer Yardage Practice

This morning was a 3D test. Lately, I’ve had my Axcel Achieve set up for indoor shooting. It has been connected to my Elite Energy 35 bow. For months I’ve been working to gain a few points here and there. What I’d been doing was having a run with the Elite, now I’m switching back to my Mathews Conquest Apex 7.

The change meant re-working the site and changing the sight tape. That’s another post in itself. Back to the Mathews, well I now want to measure what happens with some deliberate practice using the Apex 7.

The Elite and Mathews have a very different fell. But, for the most part, I score roughly the same shooting either bow. So, I’ll give the Mathews some exclusive work and see how that pans out.

This dirt mound is about 3 feet higher than the ground. Standing on it gives me the highest elevated shots on the range

The first order of business, following the sight change, was to go out to the 3D range. The reason I selected 3D over paper for a start was, well I needed a bit of a break from paper. Shooting 3-spots day in and day out can become stale.

This turkey is a bit close at 42 yards from the dirt mound. The mosquito is shot from another angle.
Had to work this bird a while until these 8s improved

Last week, when practicing 3D, using fixed pins on the Apex 7  I did a lot of work from 14 to 35 yards. The reason was that I’d be competing in an indoor 3D tournament where the longest target is only around 30 yards. Today, I used a sight and was eager to test my tape setting on long shots.

This turkey, from my elevated height of 3 feet, is a 52 yards shot.

Nearly every shot today was at 50 yards are greater. The new tape did just fine. I practiced for three hours before hunger sent me off the range. There is a real benefit to having a 3D practice range only a few hundred yards from my kitchen.

River inspecting a longer shot placement on this turkey.