3D Practice in Adverse Conditions

This morning, practicing 18 meters with my Mathews Apex 7, wasn’t so bad – the weather, that is. By this afternoon for 3D practice, that had changed. At the moment, 3D gear is an Elite Energy 35 set up for the hunter class. Having two bows to practice with makes training more convenient. Between the morning and afternoon a cold front moved in with a vengeance bringing dropping temperature and wind.

River never seems to mind the weather

The local weatherman’s forecast had predicted correctly. The latest update, however, now suggests we will not, probably, be getting snow. Snow, in March, on the North Carolina coast – please.

That hole is perfect for a standing bear target (some day)

As time approached to go outside and shoot I gazed out the window at Little River. It was covered in white caps. The wind was howling. It was easy to consider skipping practice. As time wore on the sun continued to drift west.

This was an adventurous shot at 40 yards

Finally, I manned up and went outside. Really, it wasn’t the worst weather I’ve practiced in as far as cold is concerned. It was really windy, with a constant 20 mph breeze and gusts up to 30 mph. At this time of the year there aren’t enough leaves on the trees to block the wind as much as I’d like for shooting. The entire time in the woods I kept waiting for a tree limb to fall on me.

You just know, by all the limbs on the ground, one is headed for your head with all the wind

There will be times, in tournaments, when the conditions are not ideal. Today, the weather were far from ideal. It was cold, windy and because of my delay getting onto the range the sun was a problem for many targets.

Despite the conditions, I like to work in technically difficult shots

What today’s training plan called for was another random number generation of yardage, those values assigned to targets, no range finder, and keeping score. It was a sad day. The very first target was a badger at 33 yards. The sun was not an ally, I shot a 5.

No matter the weather, being outside can be appreciated

Throughout practice it was a struggle. Some of the targets are positioned so that to shoot them you must stand in what today felt like a wind tunnel. Any target requiring a westward facing aim was pretty much a guess. The wind was cruel and I was pleased to have ‘hit’ every target. I finished this scoring session with a 181 (fifteen 10s, two eights, and three 5s). It was a sad day.

There were a few targets where the sun was a friend.

Surely, I could have skipped practice and probably not have lost any of my current skill. But, skipping would have not provided the training under adverse conditions that might come in handy some day.