50-meter practice is slower than 18-meters. Well, think about it – you have to walk back and forth a lot and each trip is 100-meters. There is something really enjoyable about practice – letting loose an arrow that’s going to fly 50-meters. That is just a bit addicting.

Time for new paper

There’s only 9 days until I try my hand at a 50-meter event. Honestly, I have no idea what it will take to have a winning score here in North Carolina.

I do know 720 is a perfect score – I’ve not yet broken 700. I also know that the top pros are shooting between 702 and 714. Right now getting 6 arrows in the 10-ring is goal.

This bee hung around, landed on arrows, and seemed interested in what was happening on the paper

I’ve come close, 5 out of 6, 4 out of 6 in the X or 10-ring. But, thus far I manage to drop an arrow or two in the yellow of the nine. This morning I ended up with 35 tens, 35 nines and two eights. It was a little disappointing – not my lowest score, not my highest, pretty much in the middle. (681 for those counting) But, I don’t like shooting an 8 much less two of them. Maybe this afternoon will be better.

(Afternoon practice – Nope. Started out looking great.  But, it fizzled out.)